In our production of ‘All Mouth No Trousers’, I performed a monologue that portrayed the role of the wise women, midwives, healers and witches who have been persecuted. The finished piece created a transhistorical character rather than representing one person or event. This plaque refers to an event detailed in the Quaker Old Meeting House Church Book in Norfolk Records Office, stating that in 1642 two women were expelled from the venue for being “profane and opinionated”. Nothing more about the event or what was said was detailed but the term was used for women who spoke out. During the production, profane and opinionated became a term of affection for all our radical women featured in the show.

Being part of this project has made it clear to me that if our previous generations had not spoken out with their opinions or gone against what was seen as respectful of the status quo, we would not be living in the world we are today and I wanted to pay homage to them. I like to think that this plaque also makes reference to all the women who have been involved in this project, who in their own way have been profane and opinionated too.