Rosie’s Plaques – The Story So Far

Rosie’s Plaques is a legacy project from All Mouth No Trousers, a Common Lot theatre production about radical Norfolk women. During the research phase of the project we discovered that there are more than 300 heritage plaques in Norwich but only 25 celebrate non-mythical women.  

In May 2019 we staged a guerrilla art project; under cover of darkness, dressed as Rosie the Riveter, we erected alternative blue plaques on significant buildings in the city. Then we waited to see what would happen.

Images of the plaques were shared by curious passers-by and before long the project went viral. After quickly creating a virtual presence online, we were featured on local and national TV, in the press and had thousands of followers on social media. The plaques were so popular with the public that we made badges of them and sold them online. Badge sales have now raised over £4000 pounds for a local women’s charities.

We won 2019 People’s Choice Norfolk Arts Award.

People from all over the country started to get in touch to ask if we would make plaques for women from their town or city. And so, the idea for Rosie’s Plaques on Tour was born.

Through a successful crowdfunder campaign and sales of merch, we raised the money to purchase a caravan, clean her up and turn her into a mobile workshop and venue. In 2021 we began touring and there are now more than 30 plaques around the UK.

See our plaque map here.

In May 2021 the murder of Sarah Everard, and the ongoing attacks and incidents of violence against women, prompted us to create a plaque bearing the words ‘For our sisters who were Just Walking Home’. Sales of badges, T-shirts and tote bags of this plaque have so far raised over £3200 for The Sue Lambert Trust.

Rosie’s Plaques continues to celebrate and commemorate the women that history has forgotten or erased.