Rosie’s Plaques – The Story So Far

Rosie’s Plaques is a legacy project from All Mouth No Trousers a Common Lot theatre production from October 2018 which told the tales of radical Norfolk women in story and song. During the research phase of All Mouth we discovered that out of more than 300 heritage plaques in Norwich only 25 celebrated women.  We sang about this in the show and it always produced a strong audience reaction.

In May 2019 we staged a guerrilla art project. Under cover of darkness, and dressed as Rosie the Riveter, we carefully erected alternative blue plaques on significant buildings in the city. Then we waited to see what would happen.

The project quickly went viral. We were featured on local TV, radio and press. Then the story went national,  in the BBC history magazine, the Guardian and The Financial Times. Within a week we had more than 2000 followers on twitter 

The plaques were so popular that we made badges of them and sold them online. We raised over £3100 pounds for a local women’s aid charity 

We won this year’s People’s Choice Norfolk Arts Award. 

Now tens of thousands of people knew about some of the women of Norwich whom history has forgotten or erased. 

Very quickly people from all over the country were getting in touch and asking if we would make plaques for their town or city. And so the idea for Rosie’s Plaques on Tour was born.

We launched a crowdfunder, sold merch and held an exhibition of the plaques. So far we have raised over £5000 and we will be touring in June and July 2021.

To find out more about the tour click here.