I discovered Margaret Fountain through her display at Norwich Castle.  Her story immediately spoke to me and touched me deeply, taking me on a fascinating journey of research, writing and performance over the next year.  This included being given the privilege of seeing the whole, amazing Fountaine Nemy butterfly collection left by her to our castle and leafing tenderly through her beautifully crafted diaries.

Margaret was radical in her actions by refusing to follow the strict social codes set down for women of her position in the late 1800s.  She toured the world on her own to follow her passions of art, music and finally butterflies.

Whilst doing this she also loved and was loved.  Her scientific legacy and her compelling diaries show a woman who was a serious scientist who also lived her life to the full, dying, at the roadside in Barbados, with a butterfly net at her side.

She was a “bloody lepidopterist” first and foremost but also a woman who loved love.