Dorothy Jewson was the part I played in the Common Lot production of All Mouth, No Trousers in October 2018.  I read her history and was bowled over by her tenacity in recognising the plight of working class families and acting on research to improve their quality of life.  I’m born and bred from a London working class family that came from the slums by Newgate prison where Elizabeth Fry had worked her miracles.  My Nan was born in a workhouse.  Money, a decent roof over your head, education etc. always had to be fought for.  I began to appreciate the sterling work that Dorothy had achieved as I embraced the role more with each passing rehearsal - she was fearless! So, to honour her in my true London style was to call her a top bird.  It’s a term of endearment.  The phrase came to me immediately and is a reflection of the affection Dotty has now permanently in my heart.