When we were researching All Mouth, No Trousers it was coming up to the centenary of some women getting the vote in Britain. I was looking for some suffragette content for the show when I came across the story in a newspaper archive. Churchill was coming to lecture on budget at St. Andrews hall - the Pankhursts sent 3 London suffragettes to Norwich who held 24 meetings in 4 days to rally support. Thousands gathered on St Andrews plain on the night of the lecture, many to be honest who had only turned up to see trouble.  

The female suffragettes were denied entry but their male compatriots got in and interrupted the speech. There were arrests but no charges, and the Norfolk suffragette movement grew from there. I wrote a poem that was included in the show that started “When Churchill came to Norwich in the summer of 1909 to lecture at St. Andrews hall OUR women held the line” which is where the quote on the plaque originated.